Meowntain High is the latest product line from artist and craftsman-focused pet company, Devoted Human. We love animals and are always on the lookout for products that are not only fun, unique, and intriguing, but also help reduce our carbon paw print and improve the lives of our furry family members.


kitty at the catnip farm By working with organic farmers in the Southeast, we’re able to provide you with high quality catnip that’s better for your kitty while assisting our community, too. Because when we support nearby farmers, we’re helping our neighbors while improving the local economy.


Based in Asheville, NC, we’re proud to be part of an open-minded community of people who “buy local” and value quality, creativity, and eco-friendly products. We’re on the cusp of change here in North Carolina — a change that’s long overdue. Our state has been approved for a pilot program for hemp production, and farms are just starting to grow hemp as an agricultural commodity.


little girl with kitty So why does that matter to us? And why does that matter for our pets? One of our goals at Devoted Human is to help reduce the carbon paw print (or footprint) of the products we buy. Pet product manufacturing overseas not only means questionable labor and toxicity standards, but also a high carbon footprint due to the travel required to get that toy in the big box store bin for your critter. By purchasing products that have been grown and made in the US, you’re giving your furry companion a safer product that’s better for the environment and better for our community.


There’s such fear and confusion surrounding cannabis that misunderstandings abound. We’ve created Meowntain High as a tongue-in-cheek way to discuss the idea of “getting high” as it pertains to our feline friends and to encourage conversations about the environmental, economic, and medicinal value of the cannabis plant. Check out our blog to learn more!