What Makes Our Buds the Best

We source our catnip from organic farmers located in the SE. They are passionate about utilizing safe farming practices that provide higher quality, healthier products while helping our community and, ultimately, our planet.

We Buy Locally

We live by the philosophy of "think globally, act locally" as many people do here in Asheville, NC. To do so, we work with as many local farmers and craftspeople as we can, including WNC/SE catnip farmers, hemp farmers, CBD-infused natural product makers, hemp fabric companies, and organic soap and salve makers.

We're Super Kitty-focused

We make exceptional organic catnip products that we're proud to share with our own furry family members. We believe if it's not good enough for our own fur babies, it's not good enough for yours either! You and your kitties matter to us. If you've got product ideas or you just want to to tell us how we're doing, please do so! We want to hear from you!

It's a Great Gift AND a Conversation Starter

We hope to help open the conversation about the medicinal, financial, and environmental value of the cannabis plant. Whether we're discussing CBD for our ailing critters or hemp materials that are stronger, healthier and more environmentally-friendly, we aim to explore many topics associated with this often misunderstood plant.


What’s different about Meowntain High?


We love our kitties, our community, and this planet. We’re working to make sure that all of us are not only consuming products that are better for us today, but also help to provide a healthier tomorrow. 



Go on and get ya some of the good stuff!

Asheville Homegrown Organic Catnip with Wood Grinder

This dispensary favorite is homegrown here in the mountains of Asheville, NC by a highly regarded plant scientist with a passion for kitties and organic catnip.

Shake and Bake – Personal Stash

Our “Personal Stash” size of Shake and Bake organic catnip comes in an air-tight, moisture-resistant bottle with push and turn lid to keep kitty paws out of it until it’s playtime!


Pre-Roll Hemp Cat Toys – three pack

Why light up a doobie when you can roll around on the floor with it? These cute individual organic hemp pre-roll catnip cat toys come in plastic pop-top containers…

Shake and Bake – Party Starter

Our “Party Starter” size of Shake and Bake organic catnip comes in an air-tight, moisture-resistant bottle with push and turn lid. Gives you plenty for multi-cat households or to get the party started!


Meowntain High Cotton Tote Bag

Reduce your plastic and paper waste with this cotton tote – strong enough for books, a substantial supply of catnip, or groceries for you and your kitties.

Meowntain High Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

Are you Meowntain High? Share your love of kitties and our amazing catnip with this soft tee. “Meowntain High – organic catnip – baked up in Asheville, NC”

Who We Are

"Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher." -Oprah Winfrey
Meredith Bennett founder Meowntain High and Devoted Human

Meredith Bennett


Animal lover, eco-entrepreneur, and momma to Josie and the pussycats (Oscar and Felix). Works 80+ hrs/week, but secretly wants nothing more than to chill at home with the critters. Madly in love with Asheville.

Judi Larson

Judi Larson

Outside Sales

Colorado-based SCORE counselor and community philanthropist. Always on the lookout for disruptors in the marketplace. Will start up a conversation with anyone... anywhere... about anything!

Phillip biking in Asheville

Phillip, the Meowntain Man

Sew and So

Supporter and investor. Sewer of hemp products and gamer extraordinaire. Those high school home ec classes are finally coming in handy!

Felix the cat sitting


Supreme Ruler

Badass manx with a penchant for the green stuff. Loves tearing cardboard to shreds and protecting his bro, Oscar. Always has the munchies.

Oscar the black cat


scaredy cat

Major lovebug. Will bolt from the room at the hint of a sneeze. Only maintains composure because of his protector, Felix. Uses the 'nip to chill.

black puppy with antler at window


feline by proxy

Justifiably nervous around Felix. Finds Oscar delightfully squirrely. Scary smart. Surprisingly into catnip, likely because she wants anything the cats have.

What Our Buds Have To Say

orange ginger cat winking

Eckhart Furre

Zen Master

"Inhale it deeply, relax your mind, and gently close one eye... you will then discover you are connected to all and all are connected to you. Ohhhmeowmmm..."

close up striped tabby cat

Jeffrey Catbowski

Interior Decorator

"Far out, man!"

smiling calico kitty cat

Kitty McKitterson

Southern Calico

"Ya'll, this stuff makes me so happy! I feel like a kitten again!"

Get in Touch


You may find us at the office:

A-B Tech Small Business Incubator

Devoted Human/Meowntain High

1465 Sand Hill Rd, Ste 2029

Candler, NC 28715

(828) 338-9308


But the BEST way to reach us is to message us here!

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